Essential Risk Management in
90 Minutes

Do you need to know more about risk management?  Do you have a role that has some risk management responsibility?  Do you know a little about risk management but would like to build on that knowledge?  

We hear regularly that risk management is critical to an organisation’s success but what exactly does risk management involve?  This online course, which only involves a short time commitment and a small outlay, answers this question. 

This online training course is built on sound risk management knowledge allied to practical application. On completion, participants will come away with a good understanding of risk management which will increase their knowledge of the topic and enable them to engage actively in the risk management processes in their organisations. 

About the course

Course Overview

This online course provides you with an understanding of risk management which will help you to successfully manage an organisation’s risks and make you more knowledgeable on the topic.  You will get to know the basic building blocks of risk management following the approach set out in the international standard ISO 31000 and best practice.

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